What does IAQ mean?

Infrequently Asked Questions

What makes this blog better than blogs created with Wordpress or Blogger?

Wordpress and Blogger both generate dynamic websites, meaning every time a user requests to see a page, the server needs to find the page in a database, generate HTML code for it, and hand it to the user.

This site is a static website, meaning that the HTML code for every page already exists, and can be directly accessed. This allows static websites to load much faster than dynamic websites.

Writing the HTML code for each page would be too tedious, so I use an open-source tool called Jekyll, which converts Markdown to HTML.

How much does it cost to host this not-so-amazing blog?

$0/month (it is hosted with Github Pages)

How much does the domain name cost?

$0/month (Freenom)

How many people are part of your “team”

1 person. There used to be a team of around 3 people, but then this site became depressing, so they all left.

How can I get a life?

By pressing CTRL+W