What is dabdabcoin?

dabdabcoin is a new crytocurrency. It uses advanced blockchain technology along with SHA-256.

How does the dabdabcoin blockchain work?

A blockchain is a series of blocks cryptographically linked together.

Each block in any blockchain stores two things:

  • its data
  • the previous block’s SHA-256 hash


Here is an example of a simple blockchain:

Block 1

Data: hello

Previous block hash (can be any valid hash since this is the first block): a441b15fe9a3cf56661190a0b93b9dec7d04127288cc87250967cf3b52894d11

Full Data (Data+Previous block hash): helloa441b15fe9a3cf56661190a0b93b9dec7d04127288cc87250967cf3b52894d11

Hash (of Full Data) (make sure to remove any spaces when generating online): 7c5214a46690886837b36cf7232d3230ae7c8f0de6ec644f6706dac9dc7fe9a3

Block 2

Data: good

Previous block hash: 7c5214a46690886837b36cf7232d3230ae7c8f0de6ec644f6706dac9dc7fe9a3

Full Data: good7c5214a46690886837b36cf7232d3230ae7c8f0de6ec644f6706dac9dc7fe9a3

Hash: f3dd9e062739743082bafc10d46ec0de63bcf41ddee0cc1ec19d196a1d03f9e3

Block 3

Data: bye

Previous block hash: f3dd9e062739743082bafc10d46ec0de63bcf41ddee0cc1ec19d196a1d03f9e3

Full Data: byef3dd9e062739743082bafc10d46ec0de63bcf41ddee0cc1ec19d196a1d03f9e3

Hash: 7b4aadc36836965ea9c287d1f0e4832bcef4c3a55a2c10e6eaa8eecbe9c03ca9

Block 4

Data: !

Previous block hash: 7b4aadc36836965ea9c287d1f0e4832bcef4c3a55a2c10e6eaa8eecbe9c03ca9

Full Data: !7b4aadc36836965ea9c287d1f0e4832bcef4c3a55a2c10e6eaa8eecbe9c03ca9

Hash: 76d2d721d3ad6670cb9afcc6ab6ac25950223236fac75ea974cfe213f1d6b0d0


An important feature of a blockchain is that if you change the data of any block, you will need to update the hashes of all the blocks following it in the blockchain. For example, if you changed block 2’s data from “good” to “bad”, you would have to update the hashes for blocks 2, 3, and 4.

This is because changing block 2’s Data would change block 2’s Full Data, which would change block 2’s hash, which would change block 3’s Previous block hash, which would change block 3’s Full Data, which would change block 3’s hash, which would change block 4’s Previous block hash

What is dabdabcoin mining?

In order for new dabdabcoins to be generated, they must be mined.


Each block in the dabdabcoin blockchain stores the following data (plus the previous block hash):

  • name of miner
  • date
  • comment (anything which the miner wants to say)
  • magic word (10 lowercase letters)

Other than the magic word, all of the other data in a block is fixed before being mined. Mining means changing the magic word of a block so that the hexadecimal hash of the block will begin with “dabdab” and the block can be added to the end of the blockchain.

Take the first dabdabcoin block as an example: Peter Ye_05022019_dabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabdabeeee_mined using an Intel Celeron J1900_aaaactucxy

If you generate its SHA-256 hash, you will get: dabdabc8669952a26c6ac3f583d7ed9c088a5bea604a8037549522a180395bbd

You can see that by changing the magic word to “aaaactucxy”, the hash will begin with “dabdab”. Mining is just trying millions of different magic words to get an SHA-256 hash that begins with “dabdab”.

How do I mine dabdabcoin?

  1. Click here to download the dabdabcoin miner.
  2. Extract the files from the zip folder.
  3. If you are using Windows, double-click windows.bat. If you are using Ubuntu, open a terminal and type ./dabdab_ubuntu.

If you are using MacOS, ChromeOS, or some other non-Linux operating system, you could:

  • get rid of your garbage operating system and switch to Ubuntu (highly recommended)
  • and/or compile the dabdabcoin miner from source
  • and/or make your own dabdabcoin miner!