1. Most computer monitors combine three colours to display millions of different colors. Find out what these colours are.
  2. Only one letter appears in the names of all three of these colors. Find this letter.
  3. Hash this letter (only this letter, no spaces or newline characters) using SHA-256.
  4. Look at the last two letters of the hash. They should form the name of a well-known video game company.
  5. Find the name of the founder of this company. A famous scientist shares the same last name, except the “s” is replaced with a “g”.
  6. Unfortunately, this scientist died in 2018. Find the day of this scientist’s death.
  7. A holiday celebrating a special mathematical constant happens to be on this scientist’s deathday. Find the mathematical constant.
  8. One last step! Let [xxxxxxxxx] be the first 9 digits of the mathematical constant after the decimal point (the 9th digit is rounded). Visit[xxxxxxxxx]

Enjoy! (this should be easy)