Summer holidays are exciting (if you don’t throw up 100 times on a 12-hour flight or get bored to death staying at home all day or forget to put on sunscreen and catch on fire in the sun).

This summer, I will:

  • spend 6 weeks in China
  • finish coding dabdabcoin v2
  • move everything on Github to a different account
  • renovate this site
  • try not to do stupid things

dabdabcoin v2

You might not know, but dabdabcoin v2 was supposed to be released on June 6, 2019! However, during the process, I have come to realize how complicated this thing actually is (Cyclic Redundancy Checks, Kid RSA Algorithm, blockchain verifier). I will be pushing that official release date to July 2019 (with a maximum extension to December 2019).


New account

Since I will be going to high school this September, this website will no longer be called the “Unofficial Glen Shields Public School Blog” and I will move everything to the Github account sha256bot. I am not planning to change this site’s address.

If something unexpected happens during the transfer, I will post a notice at or You can still email me at


Over the summer, this site will be renovated with a new theme!