dabdabcoin v2 is a new cryptocurrency based on the original dabdabcoin. It will allow you to:

  • mine 16n dabdabcoins (n∈Z, 2≤n≤58) at a time (before you could only mine one dabdabcoin per block). This means that it is possible to mine up to 6901746346790563787434755862277025452451108972170386555162524223799296 dabdabcoins in a block!
  • send dabdabcoins to others (using a digital signature).

Release date

The dabdabcoin v2 software is scheduled to be released by June 6, 2019.

Compatability with original dabdabcoin

Due to the new features of dabdabcoin v2, it will NOT be backwards compatible with the original dabdabcoin. This means that dabdabcoins mined in the original dabdabcoin blockchain will not be transferred to the new dabdabcoin blockchain. However, one dabdabcoin v1 has the same value as one dabdabcoin v2 because they require, on average, the same number of hash calculations to mine.

Should I upgrade to dabdabcoin v2?

YES! dabdabcoin v2 has the following advantages over dabdabcoin v1:

  • Usability (it can be sent to others)
  • Ability to grow (as computers become faster, the dabdabcoin v2 blockchain will be able to adapt by requiring them to mine more dabdabcoin every time)
  • I will repay any debt which I paid in dabdabcoin v1 again in dabdabcoin v2


The dabdabcoin v2 logo was designed by Beself Lan.