Download our new open-source word unscrambler HERE!

Why use this word unscrambler?

The GSPS Unofficial Word Unscrambler can unscramble a word or sentence that is up to 10000 characters long! It can use a custom word list/dictionary with up to 1000000 words (each 100 characters max)! This word unscrambler will make your computer much more powerful than those stupid websites which you used to use.


  1. Download the zip file using the link at the top of the page
  2. Extract everything from it
  3. Restore bin.exe from your antivirus’s quarantine if it gets deleted by your antivirus
  4. Uninstall your antivirus if you have one
  5. Run windows.bat

Choosing your word list

We have already included two word lists, one extremely interesting list at words.txt (use at your own risk) and another list with nearly half a million words at all_words.txt. The word unscrambler generates its dictionary using the file words.txt, so replace words.txt with the list which you want to use.

Source code

The C++ code used to build this word unscrambler is included at word.cpp. Read our previous blog post for C++ learning resources.